Sometimes the problems we face feel insurmountable.  At times, we even feel embarrassed or ashamed to talk about them.  I provide a space for you to be heard, listened to and understood.  Using an evidence-based approach grounded in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, you will learn the tools to help you make changes to your life — in line with your values.   

I believe in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy wholeheartedly. There’s significant research behind it — demonstrating proven results when treating issues of anxiety, mood and eating disorders.


For me, CBT just makes sense.  It’s a form of treatment that focuses on problems you presently face. We'll work together to get to the root of the problem and relieve your symptoms. By looking at patterns in your thoughts, emotions and behaviors, together, we can make changes to improve your mood, perceptions about your self, others and the world. 

CBT is time-limited — which is really important.   I recognize that people don’t want to be in therapy for the rest of their lives.  CBT is designed to provide you with the tools you need to continue to work independently, outside of therapy. You become your greatest resource to empowering yourself.  

CBT is also active. This is not the kind of therapy where you sit on the couch and I nod and take notes. CBT is collaborative. Together, we focus on the problems you’re facing today, and work out a plan to overcome them.  As a patient, you can look forward to doing work during and between our sessions - so that you can reach your goals faster. 

CBT has been proven to work. In fact, it's been shown that CBT can be as or more effective for some disorders than psychiatric medication or other approaches to psychotherapy. 

Like any other relationship, it’s important to make sure this fit is right for you. I aim to provide a warm, caring and supportive environment in which you feel comfortable to make changes to reach your goals at your own pace. When we first meet, you'll be getting a sense of me just as much as I'll be getting to know you. So if it turns out I’m not the right fit for you— don't worry.  I’ll help you find the right provider to work with.